Published Titles by DJ Young

The Praying Dad –Laying out the benefits of prayer in a father’s life.

Fatherhood: Experiencing the Wonders –Enthusiastic exploration of major natural and spiritual events in a   father’s life.

Adult Children and Their Dads: The Eight Needs of Dads –Helping Adult Children understand the needs of their Dad.

You’re Still Their Dad—Fathering Your Adult Children –Helping Dads understand the needs of their Adult Children.

The Tests Of Youth—Guiding Children To Maturity –Tests which every child must go through to reach maturity—eight tests, three phases.

Three Phases Of Fatherhood—Dad, Father, Grandfather –Different phases of a father’s life with different qualities adapted at each phase.

Seven Pillars of A Father’s House: The Training and Discipline of Children –What a father is to be doing—his Blueprint.

Twelve Training Gifts—How Fathers Train Children –Exploring the natural leaning that each father has in training up his child.

A Wife’s Guide To Inspiring A Great Dad –How a wife can contribute to her husband becoming a great Dad!

A Father’s Healing Touch: Restoring Your Family After a Tragedy –Fathering for fruit–how to turn what the devil meant for harm into God’s good.

God’s Story in Your Life: Your TestimonyHow God continually creates your story to give glory to His Goodness and draw others to Himself.

Courageous Dads: Building a Strong Home LifeCreating the strength to lead your family on life’s journey, and learning from other Dad stories.

A Prodigal’s ReturnEight Phases of the Prodigal Season

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